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Meaning Behind Red Roses on Valentine’s Day

Meaning Behind Red Roses on Valentine’s Day

Red roses are synonymous with Valentine’s Day, but why? What is it about the red rose that has come to represent love and romance? Let’s take a look at why red roses have become such an important part of the holiday and what they have come to represent.

History of Red Roses and Valentine’s Day

The tradition of giving red roses on Valentine’s Day dates back centuries. It is thought to have originated in England during the 18th century when Charles II brought the Persian celebration of “the feast of love” or “Mehrgan” over with him from his travels.

During this celebration, lovers would give each other gifts, including flowers, as a sign of their love for one another. Over time, this tradition was adopted by many countries around the world and eventually evolved into what we now recognize as Valentine’s Day.

The Significance of Red Roses

Red roses are seen as a symbol of passion and love because they are associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. This connection makes them an ideal gift for expressing your feelings on Valentine's day.

Not only that, but giving someone a dozen red roses also has its own special meaning; it is said that when you give someone twelve roses, it signifies your everlasting love for them. As such, a bouquet of red roses is a fitting way to express your commitment to someone this Valentine's Day.

Symbolism Behind Giving Red Roses

When you give someone a single red rose on Valentine's Day, it symbolizes true love and admiration. A bouquet of several roses can be used to convey different messages depending on the number given; two roses together signify mutual affection while three represent friendship and four stand for appreciation or even suggest “I love you". Giving more than seven indicates gratitude while nine stands for eternal love and twelve conveys loyalty and faithfulness.


It is easy to see why giving someone a bouquet of red roses has become so closely associated with Valentine's Day—it is a beautiful way to express your feelings for someone in an elegant and romantic way.

Whether you choose to give one rose or multiple roses this year, there is no doubt that whoever receives them will be touched by the gesture. So go ahead—show someone how much you care by giving them some beautiful red roses this February 14th!

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