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What Do Flowers Mean on Valentine's Day?

What Do Flowers Mean on Valentine's Day?

Flowers have been used for centuries to express love and affection. On Valentine's Day, people around the world send each other flowers to convey their feeling of love and appreciation. But have you ever wondered what the meaning behind those flowers are? Read on to learn more about some of the most popular Valentine’s Day flowers and their respective meanings. 


Roses are a timeless classic when it comes to expressing love. The different colors of roses have distinct meanings with red symbolizing passionate love, pink signifying admiration, yellow signaling friendship, and white conveying purity. For a romantic gesture, try giving your loved one a bouquet of mixed colored roses or a single long-stemmed rose!


Tulips express perfect love and are seen as symbols of happiness and joy in many cultures. Tulips come in various shades like red, orange, purple, yellow and white so they can be easily matched with any occasion or person’s preference. If you want to show someone how much you appreciate them this Valentine’s Day, tulips might just be the way to go!


Lilies are often seen as symbols of innocence and devotion, making them perfect for expressing your purest form of love this Valentine’s Day. The pretty petals come in various colors like pink, white, purple and yellow so you can pick the one that best suits your relationship! You can also mix them together for a unique bouquet if you feel like being creative this year!

There are many other types of flowers that can be used to convey special messages on Valentine's Day such as daisies (innocence), carnations (affection), sunflowers (loyalty), etc.

Whatever flower you choose to give your loved one this Valentine's Day; it is sure to bring a smile on their face! So don't forget to make it extra special by picking out the perfect flower for them!

With all these meanings behind the different types of flowers available for gifting purposes on Valentine's day, there is sure something out there that expresses exactly how you feel about your significant other or someone special in your life!

So don't wait any longer - head over to your nearest online flower shop and pick out that perfect bouquet today! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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